Emotional product: from necessity to desire
Gallo turns socks into ongoing creativity and lights them up with dynamic color combinations that no-one has ever MIXED BEFORE.
An aesthetic revolution resulting in registered designs which have become icons, real must-have items to collect.

Pret-à-porter chromo therapy, to ENHANCE YOUR spirit and your own personality.
Twin rib (Registered design)
2003. The Gallo sock par excellence. Sartorial elegance and surprising color combinations for the two-tone vertical design for men. It comes in cotton lisle, silk or Merino wool and stands out for its relief contrast with vaguely hypnotic effects. The pride of a man in a suit and tie.
Multicolor (Registered design)
1998. A highly recognizable style. The original. The first aesthetic revolution signed by Gallo. An alternation of colored lines in variable proportions, marked by a whimsical and bold use of color. Each sock is an exciting exercise in style, where nothing is left to chance.
Windsor (Registered design)
2001. A regular and circular succession of horizontal stripes. Two contrasting colors creating a sophisticated and unconventional elegance, inspired by the acknowledged, avant-garde one of the Duke of Windsor.
Polka dots (Registered design)
2013. A new classic, renewed with each collection. A pattern of monochromatic dots over a solid color base creating a harmonic and original contrast. To look all good.
Bicolor (Registered design)
2000. A stripe declined in two colors. Or maybe two colors alternatively drawing a stripe. The rigorous aesthetics, bichrome evolution of multicolor socks keeps the beat of an unstoppable movement, marked by peculiar color effects.
Vanise' (Registered design)
The classic ribbed socks in cotton lisle or Merino wool become original and extremely refined at the same time. The hue of the stockinette stitch contrasts with the reverse one, in unprecedented color combinations.
Preforated (Registered design)
The first perforated socks for kids designed by Gallo in the 60s
Ties (Registered design)
2000. A fashion statement to show off proudly. Made of silk or cashmere knit, this accessory completes the style of metropolitan gentlemen. Color, stripes, polka dots: THE SOCK'S AESTETHIC IS ACROSS THE BOARD, ENOUGH TO BE WORN around the neck.
Scarpez (Registered design)
A refined choice: the classic velvet slippers with rubber sole are lit up by surprising colors and are perfect to store in your weekend bag and wear not only at home, but also outdoors.
Garter (Registered design)
It's there but you can't see it. You wear it for pure pleasure, it doesn't matter if nobody knows. The garter is the new ingredient in men's style. The chaste rigor of its retro silhouette lit up WITH the hues of a fancy gentleman. That's how garters come lined up in the drawer in quirky plum, flag green, burgundy, peacock or powder pink colors. Socks and garter are the new duo of elegance and glamor.

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